Hello, world! I’m KL! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a writer and artist just fumbling my way through the world and trying to make beautiful things. For those of you who do know me, *finger guns*.

A picture from when I lived in Boston before. Unfortunately, I no longer have antlers.

In three months I will be moving to Boston from Orlando. Though I’ve been saving for this move, I’ve crunched the numbers and realized I’ll be about $1,800 short on the expenses. I have a very hard time asking for help, but I love making cool things for cool people, so I’m offering a limited number of commission slots for pieces of art to be created and delivered in the next few months. If you see something here that you like, please consider helping me! 

The Offerings

The following is a list of the types of projects I feel comfortable doing in this limited time frame and their cost. Samples of previous work are located at the bottom of this post to give you some idea of what you might get in return. 

  • Option 1 $100 – A poem I’ve already written with an 8.5”x11” border of collage or papercraft. (You can find a lot of the poems I’ve posted publicly here.)
  • Option 2  $120 – An 8.5”x11” inch collage (a discounted rate!)
  • Option 3 $150 – A new short prose poem written for you with 8.5”x11” collage or papercraft border.
  • Option 4 $150 – Two complementary 4”x6” collages. (Good and evil! Air and sea! Kittens and snakes! Whatever two things you like best!)
  • Option 5 $200 – A 12”x12” inch collage.

I have a lot of collage materials in the subjects of art, science, and photography books and can offer the following concentrations and fandoms from pretty large pools: space, flowers and plants, birds, 1940s Batman strips, American Vampire comics, Red Robin comics, Young Justice comics, Villains United comics, assorted X-men comic runs, Teen Titans comics, Superboy comics, True Blood comics, Black Widow comics, Batgirl comics, Avengers vs. X-Men comics, Spider-Men comics, Nightwing comics, Ignition City comics, Captain Swing comics, Detective Comics comics, Lady Mechanica Comics, Kick Ass 2 comics, Hit Girl comics, and Martian Manhunter comics.

The Time Frame

Because of the time sensitive nature of this project I will need to request payment for all commissions up front, but I’ve listed the time frame below so you can have an idea of how long you might be waiting.

  • The first 8 commissions that are paid for will be mailed out to the requesters by May 15th, which is two weeks before my move date. 
  • Commissions 9 – 12 may be mailed out by May 30th, but will absolutely be sent by June 30th, depending on how everything goes. 
  • Commissions 13 – 17 will be mailed by August 30th
  • Any commissions above and beyond that will be super appreciated, but I can’t guarantee a timeline on them. We can work that out when we chat.

Okay, I’m in, what do I do next? 

Please send an email to lkcripe@gmail.com with the words COLLAGE COMMISSION in the title. When you get in touch with me, let me know what size piece you want and what your prompt or idea is. From there I’ll let you know any immediate ideas I have or if I need a little more information to be sure I can make you something you will enjoy owning. After we have everything set I will get to work. I’ll send you updates as I work on your piece to let you know how it’s going or get input, that way you won’t be surprised with the finished piece. In commission situations it’s important to me that we be able to work toward the best of what we both want.  

I can currently take payments for commissions with PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. I’ll let you know the details when we’ve hammered everything out. 

Can you give me something else I already know you can do?

It never hurts to ask! I won’t be able to write you a short story to my satisfaction in this timeframe, but I could probably write you a couple of poems or draw you an awkward comic with no faces in it (because I sincerely do not know how to draw them). I can send you photographs I’ve taken of lovely things with little poetic notes on the back. Heck, if you want a collage that’s larger than 12”x12” or is an awkward size we can talk about that too. Feel free to just hit me up with your ideas and we’ll work on bringing them to life together. 

Is there another way I can help? 

Sure! If you just want to throw me a tip because every little bit helps, my Ko-Fi can be found here. And I’m working on setting up an Inprnt shop for prints of collages I’ve made in the past, so I can put you on a list of people to email when that is up. 

Thank you for reading over all of this. I would deeply appreciate it if you could share this post, even if you can’t help monetarily at this time. Every little bit really does help. And hey! Keep an eye on my socials to see the new commissions as I make them. The first one will be going up soon!

And now, FOR SOME ART!

This is a poem I wrote a bit ago and then gifted to a friend with the papercraft border. This is also what option 3 would look like, if you chose it.
This is a roughly 8×10 piece, but it’s the same sort of thing I would do for 8.5×11.
A secondary option for the $120 tier. This is mixed media on an 8×10 canvas.
This is a single 5×7, but is similar to what I would for double 4x6s if you went with this option.
The two above pieces are both based on 12×12 paper.
This is what I mean when I say awkwardly shaped. It’s larger than 11×17 and has proven difficult to scan and to frame without spending money on a custom one, but I love the way it grew organically and the story the shape of it tells.
I made this for a person who helped me out in 2018. I enjoyed making it and I really love how it turned out.

If you’d like to see other collages and paper works I’ve done, you can find a collection of them here.