Writers have ideas.  We have lots of ideas.  All of the time.  About everything.  Some of them we want to keep for ourselves, but some of them we want other people to write so we can roll around in them and absorb all of the awesome and loveliness.  And sometimes we’re presented with ideas that we didn’t even know we wanted until they jumped up into our laps, as I was the other day while flipping through Sense and NonSensibility: Lampoons of Learning and Literature by Lawrence Douglas and Alexander George.  In the chapter this is taken from, they’re detailing ‘Literary Mergers’ that the narrator thinks would be great hits:

Off the Road-

A skillful combination of Kerouac’s Beat novel with Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit, in which Dean Moriarty hits the road–and is mysteriously never able to get off.  The irrepressible antihero becomes increasingly frustrated as he tries in vain to find an exit ramp that will lead him to the girls, drugs, and jazz he longs for.

I wish I could claim this idea for my own.  I wish I could make it intelligent and tongue in cheek and just a little sad around the edges.  I wish I could give Dean Moriarty and  Inès Serrano new breath that would make their fathers proud.  But alas, I am not yet up to tugging on a work of that magnitude.  So while I tinker away with my science fiction stories and my frivolous poems I’m going to play the scenes I want most over in my head until the universe makes them happen.  The universe does that for me sometimes.

This the part where you come in: Is there a story you’re dying to read that you want someone else to bring into the world just for you?  A story that you don’t feel capable of writing yet, or that you might just want to read in someone else’s voice?

I’m thinking about doing questions every Monday, but I make no promises and will therefore tell no lies.