I am back at it again, reading YA novels and desperately needing to share my love for them with the world. This time I read The Raven King, the fourth and final book in The Raven Cycle series. My feelings about the book overall are complicated, but my feelings about the third chapter are simple and pure. It’s one of the most beautiful chapters of anything that I’ve ever read. in this chapter we get to see our son Ronan Lynch at the home he loves, surrounded by beautiful things that he’s made. I identify so heavily with Ronan and his fears that I teared up a little and I’m not ashamed about it. So, a shirt.

I made and used stencils for this one because I didn’t trust myself with the clean edges.


It was too cold for fireflies, but a multitude of them glistened in and out of being above the fields nonetheless.

Those were his. Fanciful, purposeless, but lovely.

Ronan Lynch loved to dream about light.